Dedication & Commitment

In memory of my late husband, co-founder of Like Solutions, Amiram E. Porat.

My partner in life and in business, father of our four loving children, soulmate, inspiration and best friend.

Together we had a dream: start our own business, travel the world, create a loving family, make things happen!

In 2004, while living in Brighton (UK) we founded Like Solutions. During the years to come we worked in different fields and gained lots of experience.

Meanwhile we moved to several countries and finally ended up in The Netherlands (where I was born and raised) with our four kids, to start our new future.

Then our life turned upside down. Amiram was diagnosed with an aggressive type of lymphoma cancer and died 4 months later on the 21st of January 2017…

He will always stay a part of us… Forever in our hearts…